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Recreational Boating and Commercial Marine Products

We stock the world's best brands of boating and marine equipment for the recreational boating and commercial marine markets. Our 46 years of experience ensures that we source and recommend the very best in marine products that are ease-of-use, rugged and reliability.

Our comprehensive range of marine equipment includes; Steering Systems, Control Boxes & Cables, Fuel Tanks & Fuel Fittings, Navigation Technology, Radars, Radios, General Marine Electronics, Boat Safety Equipment, Stainless Steel Fittings, Boat Trailer Rollers and Action Cameras. We make these products available to customers throughout South Africa, by-way-of this e-commerce website offering secure payment, risk free return and free delivery options.


  • GPS/Plotters

    GPS Chart Plotters including Furuno and Lowrance.  Colour Chart Plotters.  Including map charts

  • Sound Systems and Speakers

    Dual Marine audio systems and speakers.  Marinized audio systems.  6 x 9 speakers and 5 1/2 inch speakers. Antennas and waterproof covers. VHF radio speakers and loudhailers.

  • Fishfinders

    Fish finders including Lowrance and Furuno.  Colour fish finders with transducers

  • GPS/Plotters/Fishfinders

    GPS Chart Plotter combination fish finders including Furuno and Lowrance

  • VHF Radios

    VHF Radios including handheld and mounted. Icom available in South Africa

  • Antennas and Mounts

    Marine Antennas and mounts for VHF, AIS, SSB, AM and FM, Television for marine use including Shakespeare and Bantem.  Stainless steel whip antennas as well as fiberglass antennas. Available in South Africa

  • Radars

    Marine radars in the Furuno range in 24nm, 36nm, 64nm and DRS4NXT

  • Compasses

    Marine mounted Riveria compasses available in South Africa.  Compasses include binnacle mount, flat mount and bracket mount in various sizes

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

    316 Stainless Steel hardware including:

    Turnbuckles, D-Shackles, U-Bolts, Swage Fittings, Eye Pads,  Haspin Staple, Snap Hooks, Eye Bolts, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Swage Tensioners, Cleats, Thimbles, Cosby Clamps, Wire Rope Clamps, Rails, Hinges, Barrel Bolts, Eye Screws, Eye Nuts

  • Hydraulic Steering Systems

    Hydraulic Steering Systems including front mount, bullhorn mount, side mount.  Mavi Mari hydraulic steering systems available in South Africa.  Full kits including helm, cylinders, piping and hydraulic oil. Including Helms and cylinders sold separately.

  • Mechanical Steering Systems

    Mechanical Steering Helms and Cables

  • Steering Accessories

    Steering Accessories for boats including steering wheels, steering knobs, link arms for outboards, tie rod ends.  Mavi Mari and Riveria range available in South Africa

  • Control Cables and Accessories

    Control cables for outboards of various lengths.  Starting at 8 foot up to 46 foot. Control cables available in light duty and heavy duty. Mavi Mari control cables available in South Africa.  Control cable accessories including Mercury adapter kit, mounting clamps.  

  • Control Boxes

    Control Boxes for outboards including MT3 Type binnacle mount. Side console mounting control boxes with neutral function.

  • Marine Pumps

    Marine Pumps including Seaflo Bilge Pumps, Pressure Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Float Switches, Bilge Pump Switches, Submersible In-Line Pumps and Submersible Bilge Pumps available in 12v and 24v

                                                             Seaflo Pumps

  • Switch Panels and Switches

    Switch Panels and Switches including bilge pump switches

  • Fuel Tanks and Fuel Accessories

    Fuel tanks for outboard motors as well as fuel lines and fuel connectors for outboard motors.  Yamaha, Mercury and Johnson fuel connectors available in South Africa.  Fuel primer bulbs

  • Boat Accessories

    Boat accessories including: 

    Plastic Hinges, Plastic Haspin Staple, Expanding Bung, Drain Plug, Inspection Covers, Hatches, Drain Sockets, Andy Hook, Bar Cleat, Plastic Cleat, Boat Scuppers, Lacing Hooks, BG Products, Plastic Saddle

  • Rod Holders

    Boat rod holders including flush mount, side mount and Scotty Rod Holders.  Rod holders available in stainless steel and Plastic

  • Boat Safety Equipment

    Boat safety equipment for Categories: A, B, C, D, E and R including Flares, Lifejackets, ID Sheets, Capsize Cannisters, Tool Kits, SAN Charts, Horn, First Aid Kits, Radar Reflectors, Black Ball, Bell, Lifejacket Lights, Hydrostatic release units

  • Boat Trailer Rollers

    Boat trailer rollers made from polyurethane in various sizes.  South Africa made.

  • Marine Sealants

    Bostik Simson Marine Sealants including MSR Construction Adhesive in black grey and white as well as Fast Tack adhesive and primers

  • Battery Chargers and Inverters

    Battery Chargers and Inverters.  12v Battery charges.  24v to 220v Invertors.  2kva and 3kva inverters.

    • Victron Energy
    • C-Tek
  • Protective Cases

    Guardian protective cases with forming foam inserts available in various sizes.  Protect your valuable equipment.  Waterproof, Dust Proof, Shock Proof, Unbreakable

  • Seventy One Percent Sun Protection

    Seventy One Percent Sunscreen.  SPF50 sun protection.  

  • Action Cameras and Accessories

    GitUp action cameras including Git2 and Git2P.  Including accessories like:

    • mounts
    • Floaty Bopper
    • Float Sticks
    • Helmet mounts
    • Bike Mounts
    • Adhesive Pads
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