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Shakespeare QC4 Quick Connect 3db VHF Antenna

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4’ (1.21m) VHF Marine Band 3dB


Stemming from the popularity of the quick connecting feature on Shakespeare’s high-end Phase III® marine antennas, the new QuickConnect® product line brings you the ease of connecting and disconnecting your marine antenna in a series of entry-level antennas.

  • QuickConnect® system, screw or unscrew antenna to disconnect or connect
  • High quality connection so that no noise is generated due to vibrations
  • Splash protection cap to protect the connector on the mount when antenna is disconnected
  • Centerpin® PL-259 Connector is an easy crimp-on type connector
  • Standard mount design to easily upgrade to a high-end Shakespeare antenna without purchasing a new mount

Versatile four-way ratchet action and fast-release handle design for quick and easy laydown. For deck or side mounting of QuickConnect antennas.

  • QuickConnect: Easy removal of an antenna without the hassle of re-installing cables
  • Thread: 1” -14 / Bolt holes: 9/32” dia. (7.14mm), 3” x ½” (76.2mm x 12.7mm) on center
  • Water and dust protection cap: Stays fastened to mount to prevent it from getting lost
  • Centerpin® PL-259 Connector: Included for easy solder-free installation
  • Handles antennas up to 4’ (1.2m)
  • Nylon

QC-4 QuickConnect® Specifications
Band:VHF Marine Band
Antenna Gain:3dB
Max. Input Power:50 watts
SWR:Nominally 1.3:1 at 156.8 MHz
Bandwidth:5 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR
Ferrule:Chrome-Plated Brass
Coax Supplied:N/A
Connector Supplied:N/A
Color/finish:White Fiberglass
Impedance:50 Ohms (with QC Mount attached)
DC Ground:No DC Ground – The antenna will read open on continuity test.

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